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No jewelry except for religious or medical alert medals may be worn at anytime. This includes but is not limited to rings, earrings, nose rings, wrist bracelets (metal, cloth, plastic or string), watches, ankle bracelets, metal or hard plastic hair adornments (burettes and bobby pins). If the player cannot remove it they cannot play. Once the game starts any jewelry that is seen on a player in the game will cause the umpire/referee to give the player and the team a verbal warning. If that player or any other player is seen with jewelry after the warning, both the player and the coach will be restricted to the bench for the remainder of the game.

Religious and medical alert medals are not considered jewelry. A religious medal must be taped down under the uniform. A medical alert medal must be taped down and may be visible.

Since this policy cannot be enforced in sports without officials, such as the former "Soccer Tots" program, it is recommended that parents agree to abide by the policy for the safety of their children.