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  1. It is the intent of Worthington Youth Boosters (WYB) to deny any person who has been convicted of a crime of violence, or of a crime against a person, or a felony involving the welfare of a child, the opportunity to coach or be in contact with youth sports participants or youth sports referees.
  2. In applying for a position with WYB or any of its member leagues, the information that is furnished on the WYB Employment / Volunteer Disclosure form is subject to verification, including conducting a criminal history check.
  3. To verify the information provided on the WYB Employment / Volunteer form, WYB may use the services of a third party provider as provided by law or may require the submission of fingerprints through the State of Ohio Attorney General’s office.
  4. Any information gathered through the use of the Employment / Volunteer disclosure form, including but not limited to name, date of birth, social security number, residence and driver’s license number, will only be used for the designated purposes and objectives of the WYB Risk Management program. All such information that is gathered shall be held in confidence and will not be shared, distributed, or provided in any manner, to any person or organization except as noted in # 3 above or to assist a criminal investigation.