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All refunds requests are subject to a $15 processing fee, regardless of the time at which the refund is requested. Refund requests must be made to the Sports Director; all refunds are subject to the discretion of the Sports Director. If approved, it will be submitted to the WYB Executive Director for processing. Refund will be issued in the same form that payment was received. Please allow four weeks for refund to be processed once request is made. If equipment was issued to the athlete, no refund will be processed until all equipment has been returned. The fee may be adjusted for the following reasons:

  1. Refund is requested after teams/coaches have been assigned.
  2. Player has received non-returnable jersey/shirt or equipment that was part of registration fee.
  3. Other non-recoverable costs have been incurred on behalf of a participant prior to refund request.

Participants will be notified of this refund policy when registering for a WYB sport. Acceptance of the refund terms will be required with each online or manual registration.