Age 6 Coach Pitch Rookies

The WYB Coach Pitch Rookies league is meant as a bridge from Tee Ball to Coach Pitch. Open to 6 year olds (generally speaking, those just finishing Kindergarten) who reside in the Worthington School District or attend a private school within the Worthington School District. All Children who will turn 6 before May 15th are invited to join this fun league!

Children under 6 are encouraged to play in the Tee Ball league. Some older/larger/experienced 5 year olds, as well as some younger/smaller/inexperienced 7 year olds, may be accepted into the league on a case by case basis.

Practices and Games

  • Teams will typically have 3 events each week.
  • Practices/Games during the week typically start around 6:00 (potentially as early as 5:30) and last for around an hour.
  • There is typically a game each Saturday (any time).
  • Sundays and Fridays are used for makeups or supplemental practices.
  • Games are typically played at McCord Park.
  • Practices are usually at either McCord Park or one of the various elementary school fields around town.

Questions? Please contact Mike Ferguson, Coach Pitch Rookies Commissioner -