Equipment & Uniforms


  • Parents are responsible for buying baseball pants. Baseball pants are not required and many kids wear shorts, although protection for sliding would be recommended.
  • Kids may wear tennis shoes or rubber baseball/soccer cleats.
  • Each player will need his own glove.
  • WYB does not supply baseball bats, however bats are quite often shared among teams if your player does not own one.
    • Please consult this sizing guideline for gloves and bats.
    • Big barrel bats: USSSA 2 ¼” bats are allowed, the larger USSSA big barrel bats are not.
  • Each player must have their own helmet. If you do not wish to purchase a helmet, WYB may be able to provide one for the season while supplies last. Contact if interested.


Uniforms are not provided by WYB. Uniforms are available for purchase at Egelhoff Sports. All recreation baseball participants of all ages should have the following uniform:

  • HOME Red Shirt (100% polyester)
  • AWAY Blue Shirt (100% polyester)
  • Worthington Baseball cap

The cost of numbering or naming the back of the shirt is already included in the price, however, we strongly suggest that participants wait until after teams are formed before numbering/naming their shirts to avoid duplications. This service will be provided free-of-charge.

Uniforms can be worn from season to season, year after year. They are available at:

Egelhoff Sports
50 Dillmont Drive
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 436-5700