Age-based Eligibility

The player’s age on April 30th determines the player’s eligible age division for the current season. For example: my child is 10 on April 30th so he is eligible for play in the 10 & under division.

“Playing up” It is a misconception that players should “play up” at their grade level. The Worthington Select Baseball charter strongly encourages players to play on age appropriate teams, not grade appropriate teams. Generally, a player will be permitted to “play up” only when he will be playing with his classmates and, even then, only upon approval of the director.

Out of district players

It is important to note that Worthington Select Baseball is a community program, utilizing local resources. It is not a regional or “elite” program. Generally, only Worthington School residents are eligible for the Worthington Select Baseball program. In rare instances, the charter allows for up to two out of district players with Travel Director approval. Approving players from outside the district is rare, particularly, if it results in cutting players from Worthington.

“Grandfather Clause”

Any player currently on a Worthington Select Baseball team roster that successfully completes the tryout process and is offered a roster spot for their returning team, may return to that team regardless if he is out of district or “playing up.”