Middle School

7th/8th Grade baseball and 13U/14U

13U Nationals teams have typically NOT participated in middle school ball because there are no 7th grade teams in Worthington (though 7th graders can try out for the 8th grade team). The 14U travel baseball season formally will begin after the conclusion of the middle school 8th grade baseball season. This schedule provides the option for players to participate in both programs if they choose. If the teams scheduled games during the same calendar period, players would not be eligible to be active participants on both rosters simultaneously.

Under the current structure in Worthington, players will have the following options:

  1. Players may participate in both middle school baseball and 14U travel baseball teams, if they wish.
  2. Players do NOT have to participate in both middle school baseball and 14U travel baseball. They may choose to participate in one baseball program, or neither, or both.

Similarly, 14U travel baseball players have the option to participate in other spring sports (middle school or otherwise) such as lacrosse, track, and club soccer.