Uniform & Equipment


All participants in football and basketball cheerleading are required to purchase the current uniform shell top, skirt, bow, and pom poms. Participants also need black cheer briefs, white no show socks, and white shoes.

We offer 3 different uniform packages:

  • Basic (uniform shell top, skirt, and bow only),
  • Essential (uniform shell top, skirt, bow, briefs, and socks), and
  • Complete (uniform shell top, skirt, bow, briefs, socks, shoes, and pom poms).

You can also order individual uniform items and extras from the WYB store.

For uniform help and sizing, please visit the cheer facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/238152096669819/.

We make every attempt to continue to use the same uniform for a period of 2 years, however we have no control over manufacturers or distributors discontinuing or limited stock of uniform pieces.


Cheer and Tumbling participants should wear comfortable clothing that they can move and stretch in easily, for most this would consist of a t-shirt, shorts or athletic wear with socks optional since we are on the gymnastics floor.