Program Details

For those selected to join the team, practices start in June and run through May of the following year. (See “Selection Process” for additional details regarding team try-outs.)

Team members will practice for 2-9 hours per week, depending on level. We will focus not only on skills, but strength and flexibility, good form, and routines in all four events.

Team gymnasts will pay monthly tuition based on the number of hours the gymnast practices each week and must compete in a minimum of 3 meets per season to maintain your spot on the team.


  • 2020/21 Annual Team Fee: $75
  • 2020/21 Monthly Tuition Fee: Ranges from $100-$280, depending on level and # of days in the gym
  • 2020/21 Annual Choreography fee for Gold, Platinum, Diamond Levels: $50
  • Meets Fees: Cost ranges from $65 - $85, on average, per meet. Gymnasts are required to participate in a minimum of 3 meets per year. There are 8-10 meets offered per year.
  • Team Leotard: Approximate cost is $60-$85. Additional warm-up gear/apparel is optional.
  • Early Termination Fees: WYB’s Team Gymnastics program requires a year-long commitment (June - May). A $600 Termination Fee will be charged for gymnasts quitting the team September - December; a $300 Termination fee will be charged for gymnasts quitting the team January - June.