Program Details

The Worthington Youth Boosters Boys Spring Recreation Lacrosse League is a "house" league where players are placed on teams based on school and or geographic location (when possible), and teams compete against each other within our league. The Spring Recreation Lacrosse League consists of three Divisions based on the players' current grade:

  • Division 1 - Boys in grades 5 & 6

  • Division 2 - Boys in grades 3 & 4

  • Division 3 - Boys in grades K, 1 & 2

WYB Lacrosse League Goals:

  • All players have a positive experience playing lacrosse and will want to continue to play lacrosse at the next level

  • All players improve their lacrosse skills and become well-rounded lacrosse players

  • All players improve their "Lacrosse IQ" and develop a better overall understanding of the game

  • All coaches and assistants have a rewarding experience and will want to continue to volunteer in future seasons

WYB Lacrosse League Emphasis:

  • FUN

  • Player Safety

  • Player Skill Development

If you have questions, please email Greg Bice (Director) at


The number of teams in each Division and the corresponding game schedule depends on enrollment. Each Division has unique rules geared towards the players' general skill level and knowledge of the game of lacrosse.

Given the different rules and increasing level of contact in each Division, all players must play in the appropriate Division for their current grade. Under no condition will a player will allowed to "play up" in a higher division.

D3 Boys Grades K - 2
Boys in grades K thhrough 2 play a non-contact, highly instructional version of lacrosse. Boys learn very basic lacrosse terminology and fundamentals. These skills are the foundation for a solid "Lacrosse IQ". Games feature five-on-five situations with a lot of action and directed by the coaches on the field. Kindergarteners welcome.

D2 Boys Grades 3 & 4
Boys in grades 3 and 4 build on the core skills they learned in Division III and play according to rules that emphasize skill development. This Division continues the emphasis on basic lacrosse fundamentals and developing all players' "Lacrosse IQ". We begin to introduce more team concepts, and players will begin to learn the unique skills required to play the different lacrosse positions (attack, midfield, defense, goalie).

D1 Boys Grades 5 & 6
Boys in grades 5 and 6 continue to master the core fundamentals while learning more advanced skills that increase their "Lacrosse IQ". At this level, players will be introduced to controlled body checking, use of long poles for defenders, and increased size of field. Even if your son has not played lacrosse before, this is still a great time to start.