Equipment & Uniforms


Grades K-2: Players will be provided a t-shirt to wear for all practice/game days.

Grades 3-6: Players will wear a reversible jersey for all games and keep at the end of the season.


Little Laxers: K: Players may use their own girls' lacrosse stick or borrow a WYB loaner stick each week. They will also need approved goggles (can be found at Play-It-Again sports) and athletic shoes.

Grades 1-6: Players must provide their own women’s regulation size lacrosse stick, approved goggles, cleats (no metal spikes), and a mouth guard.

Equipment Guide

Minimal equipment is required in girls’ and women’s lacrosse due to its non-contact nature.  You can look for a stick, protective eyewear and a mouthguard online, or visit a local store such as The Lax Shop, Dicks Sporting Goods, or Play It Again Sports.


This must be womens/girls, and regulation sized.  No fiddle sticks! The stick is likely going to be too long for some of our younger players. You can saw off a small part of the stick and then replace the plastic end cap to the new ending.  To measure an appropriate length for your daughter, have her hold one hand toward the top of the stick just below the head.  She should then extend that hand/arm forward (part of the stick will go under her armpit), and whatever amount of stick goes beyond her back is the amount to trim.  I strongly encourage parents to be conservative when cutting a stick- you can always cut more, but can not grow it back.  The rules state that the overall length of the crosse (stick and head) must be 90 cm minimum to 110 cm maximum.  We don’t measure this in K-4th grade, but in 5th/6th grade we use officials from outside of WYB and they may check it more carefully if the stick appears super short.  If in doubt, your coach or I can help you determine the correct length to trim.

There are many brands on the market, and it’s largely a personal preference on which to choose.  As players get older and the level of play increases, there are definitely some features to look for which will also cost a lot more.  For youth (especially those trying the sport for the first time), it isn’t necessary to buy a super-expensive stick.  Popular and reliable brands such as STX, Under Armour, and Brine offer sticks that are popular among our players.

Protective eyewear:

Also known as “goggles”, these must be certified by SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) and have markings that state they conform to ASTM standard F3077.  Most protective eyewear sold now will be certified, but items for resale (such as Play It Again Sports or online marketplaces) may not have this since it only became required in recent years.  

Even though they sell “youth” sized protective eyewear, I suggest buying the “adult” size since players will grow into them (if they don’t already fit) and the youth pairs are small!  

It is a personal preference for size, style and color. There is no need to buy the most expensive- as long as they are certified and feel as comfortable as possible, they will be great!

Popular brands for protective eyewear include: 

  • STX- 4 Sight+, Focus, 2See 
  • Gait/UnderArmour- Futures, Glory, Vision
  • Brine- Dynasty


It can be any color other than clear or white and must not have graphics of white teeth