One of the primary goals of Worthington Girls' Lacrosse is having young people experience a variety of different sports and have FUN while participating. Although most all of us have a competitive side, the emphasis that our coaches will have above all is making sure the experience is enjoyable and kid centered.


Our program is designed to accommodate players who have extensive lacrosse experience, and players who have never picked up a stick. As coaches, we share the following objectives:

  • to create a safe and fun environment in which players learn, develop, and enjoy lacrosse
  • to promote sportsmanship and positive life skills that can be applied outside of lacrosse
  • to emphasize the importance of effort and learning
  • to encourage players and give positive and specific feedback to them
  • to effectively coach the game of lacrosse using research-based methods of instruction and providing "The Right Lacrosse at the Right Time"
  • to monitor players’ understanding and mastery of skills, and follow a logical progression of skill building within our instruction

The Right Lacrosse at the Right Time - USLacrosse's Athlete Development Model (LADM)

What does that mean? It means we can't throw adult lacrosse at young players and expect them to development their skills. It means that we keep lacrosse FUN and kid centered and we follow the basic values of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model:

  • Physical Literacy - The ABC's - athleticism, balance and coordination
  • Multi-sport Participation - Encouraging lacrosse players to go outside and play many different sports; organized or not
  • Design our program for Development - Providing  the 'right lacrosse at the right time' and follow a proven skill progression model for each stage of lacrosse development
  • Coach Training - Provide our coaches with the support and training they need to help our kids learn the game of lacrosse
  • Small sided play and Free-Play - Allow kids to hone their skills through small sided competition and encourage their own development through free-play


Worthington Lacrosse maintains an outstanding reputation in the extended lacrosse community for our positive sportsmanship both on and off the field, and we have high expectations for every person that is a part of our program (coaches, players, and fans).

Coaches and players honor the game by going back to our ROOTS and having respect for:

  • Rules- we teach and play the game correctly, and do not bend the rules
  • Opponents- we play “fierce and friendly” and are grateful for a worthy opponent
  • Officials- we respect their decisions, even if we do not agree with them
  • Teammates- we know our actions reflect on our team
    Self- we live up to our own standards

Fans honor the game by supporting players with positive encouragement, and by not criticizing players, coaches, or officials. The Native Americans called lacrosse ‘the medicine game’ because it made them feel better to watch it. Fans should enjoy our wonderful sport and program!