Player Safety

One of the most important aspects of youth sports is player safety.

Worthington Youth Boosters is thrilled to be in partnership with Player’s Health, a company devoted to player and organizational safety. Working with the Player’s Health team will ensure that every WYB program is operating as safely as possible. Player’s Health will be helping our programs in the following areas of risk management:

  • Background screening
  • Concussion training & Lindsay’s Law
  • Abuse prevention training


Background Checks

Nothing is more important to youth sports safety. Background checks allow our organization to confidently utilize coaches and volunteers who have no recorded history of abuse or misconduct.

That’s why Worthington Youth Boosters is utilizing Player’s Health’s market-leading background screening tool. Player’s Health is a company devoted to player and organizational safety, a topic of paramount importance in today’s youth sports landscape. Working with the Player’s Health team will ensure that every program involved in WYB operates as safely as possible.

Here’s what you need to know about Player’s Health Background Screenings:

  • PH operates in partnership with background screening providers and will screen every participating member of your organization through a variety of databases and search parameters.
  • PH background screening ensures accuracy with identity verification, eliminating the possibility of false information by comparing Social Security Numbers against corresponding birthdates and address history.

Safety Courses

Every athlete participating within the Worthington Youth Boosters should feel safe and supported by the coaches, administrators, and volunteers leading their programs. Ensuring these leaders have access to and have completed necessary abuse prevention training before they step onto the pitch helps to make this a firm reality.

As a result, WYB is working with Player’s Health to provide easy access to important training courses that keep our athletes safe.

Along with a concussion training video aligned with CDC guidelines, Player’s Health developed a new abuse prevention training course to ensure members of sports organizations like ours are properly equipped with the knowledge and tools to stop abuse in youth sports.

Here’s what you need to know about Player’s Health’s safety courses:

  • Concussion Training
    • This 8-minute video walks you through the signs and symptoms of concussions, proven recovery methods, return-to-play protocols, and overall tips for managing athletes who are showing signs of concussions.
    • All information in this training is derived from CDC guidelines.
  • Abuse Prevention Training Course
    • Appropriate for anyone in any sports organization, this training will teach our members how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to abuse in sports.
    • Three separate modules, one for minor athletes, one for parents and guardians, and one for coaches.
  • Lindsay’s Law
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest, when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs, is a concern in youth sports today.
    • In accordance with Senate Bill 252, all youth athletes, coaches, and parents/guardians must complete a set of requirements every year prior to participating in organized sports activity of any kind.
    • Player’s Health allows you to upload your certificate, showing the completion of your Lindsay’s Law requirement.

These training courses will ensure our members are best in class and can focus on the development of our youth athletes.