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Contact List

Rec Soccer DirectorRec SoccerLaura
Tots: U4Rec SoccerTracey
Tots: U5Rec SoccerJim
Boys KindergartenRec SoccerJosh
Girls KindergartenRec SoccerChristina
Boys 1st gradeRec SoccerJosh Mehling*
Girls 1st gradeRec SoccerNicole
Boys 2nd GradeRec SoccerJoel
Girls 2nd GradeRec SoccerLaura
Girls 3rd/4th GradeRec SoccerKatherine
Boys 3rd/4th GradeRec SoccerBritney
Girls 5th/6th GradeRec SoccerKatherine
Boys 5th/6th GradeRec SoccerBritney
Summer/Winter TrainingRec SoccerOpen
Worthington United Premier (WUP/OCL)Travel SoccerLaura
MSSA/HSSATravel SoccerJoe
Coaching DirectorClub SoccerKevin
Learning AcademyClub SoccerJeff
Player DevelopmentClub SoccerRob
*indicates WYB Board of Directors