WYB offers a wide variety of programs across many sports and age groups.  

Recreational Programs

Rec programs are focused on skill-building and fun rather than competition.  Every participant plays and there is no try-out.  Competitions are local to Worthington and the costs to play are low.  The majority of WYB programming falls in this category.

Travel Programs

These programs are still recreational in spirit, so every participant plays and there is no try-out.  However, some travel to neighboring communities is required for competitions. The purchase of a uniform is typical at this level and increases the cost to play.

Select Programs

These programs compete at a higher level and require a greater commitment from families.  A try-out or selection process is involved, teams travel more for competitions and a uniform purchase is required.  Due to league fees, tournaments, and coaching expertise, the registration costs for select programs are much higher than for travel and rec.