Financial Aid

Worthington United 94 Player Financial Aid Application

Please read carefully before completing the application.

This Financial Aid policy applies to players in Worthington United 94 Competitive Programs only.

Subject to the availability of funds, Worthington United 94 shall offer financial aid for Worthington United 94 Player Fees to those members who demonstrate financial hardship and financial need. The decision to make any award, the amount thereof, and the beneficiaries shall be made on a defined set of decision factors that are consistently applied under the circumstances. Notwithstanding the forgoing, all award decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Worthington United 94 Financial Aid Committee. The application and aid information will be kept confidential within the Worthington United 94 Financial Aid Committee and Worthington United 94 staff members responsible for Player accounts.

Applications – Completed applications may be mailed to Worthington United 94 Financial Assistance c/o Worthington Youth Boosters, PO Box 703, Worthington, OH 43085 or emailed to Incomplete applications may result in disqualification. A player must be registered in the Worthington United 94 registration system and their player acceptance deposit of the first payment must be received and made in advance of the application being considered.

Applications received by the fall deadline will be considered for an award for both the fall and spring seasons. Applications received in the spring will only be considered for a spring aid award. All applicants must re-apply each fall season to be considered. Note that there will be no retroactive financial aid awarded for previous seasons registered/played.

Eligibility – Any WU94 player is eligible to apply for financial aid. Qualification is primarily based on verified family income. The eligibility threshold is combined parental Adjusted Gross Income (line 37 on Federal tax return Form 1040) not exceeding $40,000. Other factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships may also be considered by the Financial Aid Committee.

Amount of Aid Award – The Worthington United 94 Director of Soccer shall determine the amount of the financial aid available for a season; however, there is no obligation to award all/any of the award pool. Based on the amount of the award pool and the amount of requests for financial aid, awards will be made on a sliding scale based on verified family income. The maximum amount of an award to an individual shall not exceed the total Player Fee for the particular program for each season.

Families of applicants receiving WU94 financial aid awards may be requested to provide up to 8 hours of volunteer service to WU94 each season. Those applicants who do not fulfill this requirement upon request may be ineligible for future aid awards.

Application Process - Applications for financial aid are available online and must be completed and returned to WU94 at least three weeks before the start of a season. A signed copy of the most recent Federal tax return on Form 1040 (or applicable form) for both parents of the applicant (supporting schedules and attachments are not required unless requested) must be filed with the financial aid application. Applicants must register the player on a timely basis in the WU94 registration system each season All WU94 Team Fees must be paid in full on a timely basis for the player to be eligible to participate in WU94 team activities. Annual awards will be credited in equal amounts at the beginning of each season

Applications will be evaluated by the Financial Aid Committee. Notification of aid award decisions shall be sent via email to each applicant.

Questions – Questions about financial aid awards may be emailed to

This application for financial assistance must be completed and submitted upon acceptance of a roster spot and payment of player fee deposit to be considered for a scholarship. This process is confidential. Please note:

  • The Director of Worthington United 94 will evaluate each scholarship application and determine eligibility with final approval from WYB.
  • Coaches and team administrators cannot award or approve scholarships.
  • No player is guaranteed they will receive the same amount they received in a previous year.
  • Scholarship requests must be submitted at the time of registration.
  • Scholarships are only designed to help with player fees.
  • Families receiving scholarships will be asked to volunteer hours helping with WYB soccer, and will be contacted by the Director of Worthington United 94 to coordinate time to do so.

Worthington United 94 Financial Assistance Policy and Form