Game Play:

Each match will be preceded by a 10 minute warm-up. This is a best of 3 games in a match. Each match has a maximum runtime of 45m Any match that exceeds the allotted time will be judged based on the point value at that mark. The team with the most points will be awarded the win for the unfinished game.


Referees will be provided for the teams. Each team will be expected to provide a volunteer to keep score, and act as line judge for all games.


6 players will be on the court at all times. When rotating after side-out, the new player will enter back row, middle. The player in the service position will sub out. Each player will have equal playing time each game.


Each game will be rally scoring. The first and second game will be to 25. . If needed a 3rd game will be played to 15. The winner of each game must win by 2. If there is a tie at 24-24, the game will continue until either team has a 2 point lead.


Each player will be allowed a maximum of 5 serves per turn. The serving team will retain the serve, just rotate position. If a ball fails to make it over, the player has completed their turn. Encourage under-handed serving and progress to over-handed serving if the child is comfortable. Each player will have a maximum of 2 tosses on their serve. If the player does not attempt her serve with the first toss, she must wait for the referee to signal before her second attempt. After 2 tosses, if the ball was not successfully served a side-out will occur. If the ball hits the net but goes over, it will count as a good serve and should be played.

The service line in regulation volleyball is 20 feet from the net for 4th and 5th grade players, and approximately 25 feet from the net for 6th grade players. The top of the net will be 7 feet high. The purpose is to encourage game play, not focusing on serving. Girls will be allowed to move forward in front of the service line for the purpose of game play.


3 hits (pass, set, hit) are encouraged before sending the ball back to the opponent’s side of the net.


Carries, lifts, double hits, and foot faults will be enforced at the 4th and 5th grade level, but to a minimal degree. If a player is attempting to properly execute a skill (i.e. setting) but fails to accomplish it correctly, the official may allow the hit and subsequent point. Correction of the skill should be given by the coach at that time. If the player continues to violate the same rule, a violation should be called. 6th grade players will have violations called more tightly.


A player can never touch the net while the ball is in play. If a player’s hand or foot crosses the plane of the center line it is a violation.


Each team will get 1 timeout per game lasting up to 1 minute in length.


Good sportsmanship is not only expected but required of all players and spectators. It’s important that all players feel comfortable playing, and are not afraid to learn and make mistakes. Players will be expected to shake hands with the opposing team after play is complete.